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Apply for a Grant

A grant is a commitment by the Federal Government through the Department of State to an organization to further the work of MEPI’s goals and initiatives. MEPI gives the grantee assistance in the management of the grant funds, and all grantees must sign an agreement to abide by the terms and conditions of the grant. Grants Administrators ensure that the grant-making process—from preparation of the grant recommendation to processing final reports—conforms to the Federal Government and Department of State procedures and standards.

Through its Washington headquarters and Regional Offices in Abu Dhabi and Tunis, MEPI has contributed over $580 million to more than 680 projects in 18 countries and territories since its establishment in 2002. The organizations that have been awarded grants represent a cross-section of communities from every region in the Middle East and include rural, urban, suburban, and tribal communities. The programs have focused on political process strengthening, legal or institutional frameworks, elections management; public awareness, voter education and enfranchisement; observation, monitoring, and oversight; citizen engagement and participation in elections and political processes; political parties and party organizational development; and constituent outreach.


In order to apply for funding, your organization must be eligible and be registered with Information on eligibility requirements and registering with can be found below.

MEPI Eligibility Requirements Registration Guide for Foreign Organizations (Arabic, English)

If you are registered with, please go to and search for our open announcements by CFDA number 19.500.

To submit an application for funding please follow the guidance found below:

Preparing an Application Requesting Funding
Completing Federal Assistance Application Forms
Completing a Budget Narrative
Budget Narrative Sample Template
MEPI Application Coversheet
Applicant Organization Information Sample Template
Pre-Submission Checklist

To request fillable versions of the Budget Narrative Sample Template, MEPI Application Coversheet, Organizational Information Sample Template, or the Pre-Submission Checklist, please email us at

What We Do

  • MEPI offers a variety of funding mechanisms to support the efforts of reform-minded individuals and organizations working throughout the region.

We Want to Hear From You!

  • For questions about RFAs, registering with, or applying for funding, send us an email at