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Open Funding Opportunities

MEPI currently is accepting applications for the following funding opportunities:

Leaders for Democracy Fellowship (LDF)
Application Deadline: May 4, 2015

The Department of State’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), a program within the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs Office of Assistance Coordination (NEA/AC), announces a Request for Proposals (RFP) for new projects designed to strengthen Tunisia’s continued democratic consolidation.  Projects proposed should focus on addressing needs and opportunities to strengthen democratic institutions and political participation over the next two years.  
NEA/AC seeks innovative proposals for projects in Tunisia that contribute to NEA/AC’s overarching goal of building participatory, pluralistic, and prosperous societies in which citizens:
(a) Have the regular opportunity to play an active role in making decisions that affect their lives and in holding their governments accountable; and 
(b) Have equal standing, protected by guaranteed rights and by independent and effective courts of law.
Proposals should address only one of the following three priority areas considered critical for the success of Tunisia’s transition.
Priority Area A: Fostering Effective and Accountable Government Institutions
Priority Area B: Encouraging Legislative Transparency and Accountability
Priority Area C: Preparing for Local Elections and Decentralization
To view the full announcement, please click here.

The Department of State’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), a program within the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs Office of Assistance Coordination (NEA/AC), is pleased to announce a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) to advance inclusive governance and empower civil society in the Middle East and North Africa by providing emerging democracy and civil society leaders with academic and skill-based training, as well as linkages with counterparts across the region.  With this announcement, NEA/AC seeks to continue the Leaders for Democracy Fellowship (LDF) project and continue support for cadres of professionals who have both a familiarity with the theoretical elements of democratic governance and systems as well as practical experience.  In the past, LDF has facilitated networking of like-minded democracy, civil society, and human rights activists region-wide.

All questions must be submitted in writing to by March 25, 2015 at 12:00 pm.  NEA/AC will create a document of the submitted questions along with the answers and post it on GrantSolutions and by April 1, 2015.  Questions submitted after the deadline will not be addressed.

To view the full announcement, please click here.

Local Funding Opportunity - Annual Program Statement
Applications accepted on a rolling basis

Each year, MEPI provides a significant number of local grants directly to local organizations based in the Middle East and North Africa. These organizations include members of civil society, including NGOs, civic groups, reform networks, and academic institutions that are committed to supporting democratic values and the active participation of all individuals in social, political, and economic life. These Grants promote reform and civic activism at the local and national levels in the Middle East and North Africa, build the institutional capacity of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and strengthen civil society. Funding is available for projects that protect and advance civil liberties especially political and civic rights, empower women and youth, strengthen the rule of law, develop independent and pluralistic media, foster economic opportunity and economic reform, and promote an educated, active, and informed citizenry. Local grant projects usually range from $25,000 to $150,000 each, are intended to support quick impact activities, and are generally completed in one year. Applications must be submitted in English. For more information on how to apply and for help preparing your Local Grants Application, please go to

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Answers to frequently asked questions regarding current open funding opportunities are available in this PDF document.