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Encouraging Participatory Politics

MEPI supports citizens in their efforts to have a voice in the decisions that impact their daily lives. MEPI helps to build democratic institutions, advance the protection of basic political freedoms, and facilitate civic activism, all essential elements of fostering more participatory societies throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

The MEPI-funded Yemen Polling Center (YPC); Yemen. © Yemen Polling Center
The MEPI-funded Yemen Polling Center (YPC); Yemen.

On Participatory Politics...

  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    "...from Europe to Latin America to Africa to Asia, people have learned the fundamentals of successful democratic transitions: accountable institutions rooted in the rule of law; equal protection and participation for all citizens, especially women; a vibrant civil society; a free press; an independent judiciary and economic opportunity; integration into the international community and its norms and institutions; and leaders who understand that legitimacy flows from consent, not coercion."

    Secretary of State Clinton - July 1, 2011