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Kuwait’s Successful High School Journalism Project

Kuwait’s Successful High School Journalism Project

February 6, 2013
iEarn program participants in Kuwait ©iEarn

Professional journalists providing honest and unbiased reporting are a foundation of stable, democratic and prosperous societies. Transparency and accountability develops to the benefit of the entire nation when citizens enjoy unfiltered access to information, and the ability to express their views without fear of reprisals.  It is therefore important to develop early on the skills of young men and women who are interested in journalism, and provide them with opportunities to participate in exchange programs and to learn how to use new technologies such as social media.

For the past two years, The International Education and Resource Network’s (iEARN) has been implementing a very successful high school journalism project in Kuwait. The project provides students and educators training in multimedia reporting based on the principles of independent and ethical journalism. The project offered online courses and one-on-one training from veteran journalists. Kuwaiti students also visited Oman to learn from the experiences of those students and educators who participated in the project in past years.

The project is already showing tangible, positive impact:  several high schools have either created their own newspapers or improved on their existing ones. The Kuwaiti Ministry of Education has not only praised the project, but is seeking to expand it to more schools this year.