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EFE Matches Unemployed Youth with Jobs in Tunisia

EFE Matches Unemployed Youth with Jobs in Tunisia

November 13, 2012
EFE graduates in Tunisia

Education for Employment (EFE) in Tunis celebrated the graduation of a new group of 24 young men and women from its MEPI-funded “Workplace Success” project on October 8. The project addresses youth unemployment in Tunisia by providing young women and men with skills and tools to find jobs or start businesses, build their futures, and give back to their communities.

EFE partners with local private sector employers in order to identify their needs and help them identify, recruit and train young people with skills that respond to those needs. For this group, EFE partnered with Vistaprint, an international company and global online supplier of printed and promotional materials that has been operating in Tunisia since 2009. Vistaprint hired all graduates within this project. Earlier this year, Magasin General, Tunisia’s largest chain of general stores, hired 31 graduates from the MEPI-funded EFE project.

Through support from MEPI and other partners, EFE trains and secures jobs for thousands of unemployed youth across the Middle East and North Africa region. This project supports sustainable growth in Tunisia by expanding economic and employment opportunities for young people throughout the country.