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MEPI Highlights

MEPI Project Empowers Women in Gaza Strip

MEPI Project Empowers Women in Gaza Strip. © Palestinian Women's Information and Media Center (PWIC)

The Palestinian Women's Information and Media Center (PWIC), a registered Palestinian NGO based in Gaza, has accomplished the first phase of the MEPI-funded project “Capacity Building for Palestinian Women in the Gaza Strip through Dissemination of Democracy, Human Rights & Gender Sensitivity.” Through a series of intensive training programs and workshops, the PWIC is developing the capacity of 450 women in Bait Lahia, Bait Hanoon, and Jabalya, enhancing the overall status of women in Gaza Strip.
Using diverse teaching methods,  five qualified trainers provided guidance on conducting advocacy campaigns, political participation, good governance, gender issues, citizenship, and leadership for the participants.  Each training session included at least 50 women, and participants were taught through interactive brainstorming sessions, role-playing, case studies, lectures, and debates.  The concepts the women leaders learned during the first phase of the initiative will enable them to practice leadership in their organizations and help other women in their communities to become active citizens.

The second phase of the project will take place from June 15, 2010 to September 15, 2010 in northern Gaza and will include 36 workshops for civil society organization leaders and members of municipality and legislative councils.  These workshops will delve even further into the topics of democracy, good governance, political reform, gender issues, and human rights.