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MEPI in Lebanon

In partnership with local organizations and activists, MEPI supports the development of the next generation of civil society, governmental, and academic leaders in Lebanon. These partnerships have improved professionalism, transparency, and accountability in all levels of government, and, in turn, this has boosted Lebanese citizens' confidence in government institutions. MEPI will continue to partner with Lebanon's many civil society organizations to heighten their ability to influence decisions important to the people of Lebanon.


Featured Highlights

  • A group of women sitting around a table looking at a laptop screen and one man standing talking to them
    Public Opinion Research: A Tool for Rising Women Leaders

    Public opinion research provides political parties and activists’ with insight into constituents’ perceptions and needs, and enhances policymakers’ abilities to respond to voters. Elected officials at all levels of government utilize public opinion data to improve citizens’ access to services and to better engage constituents, which is essential to increasing political participation. 

  • A group photo of the 17 Civic Education Leadership Fellows at the Department of State in Washington
    Civic Education Leaders Visit Washington

    The sixth cohort of the MEPI-funded Civic Education Leadership Fellows (CELF) visited the U.S. Department of State in Washington. The 13 Fellows – all university professors from the Middle East and North Africa – are completing three-month residencies at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs of Syracuse University. 

  • A group photo of ALGreenIA team from Algeria
    MENA Students Enter Young Entrepreneurs Competition

    In 2012, over 5400 high school and university students from the Middle East and North Africa competed for spots on the MEPI-supported sixth annual INJAZ Al-Arab Young Entrepreneurs Competition. Seventy five students secured finalist spots for the competition which took place in November 2012 in Doha, Qatar.  

  • A group photo of women
    Women’s Rights Advocacy Succeeds in the Region

    Vital Voices’ MEPI-funded “Policy-Advocates for Women’s Issues in the Middle East and North Africa” project mentored teams of women activists and provided them training in advocacy, social media outreach, and project management over the past two years. Each country team selected a public policy issue identified as a priority and implemented nationwide campaigns to lobby for needed reforms. 

  • Five women sitting on a stage holding notebooks
    Vital Voices Project Aims to Improve the Lives of Women Across the Region

    On October 25, 2012 Vital Voices hosted a panel discussion at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. at which participants shared successes, challenges, and lessons learned from the MEPI-funded Policy Advocates for Women Issues in the Middle East and North Africa project.  

  • Two young women sitting side by side looking at a laptop screen with a third woman between them pointing at the screen explaining
    MEPI Partner Uses New Media to Inform Citizenry

    Through its Social Media|Social Action (SM|SA) project, MEPI partner IREX recently issued a solicitation to provide small grants to youth-serving non-governmental organizations (NGOs) interested in leveraging media tools and approaches to increase the outcomes and impact of their organizations’ activities. 

  • MEPI logo (© State Department)
    MEPI Launches 214 New Projects in 2012

    As of September 30, 2012 (the end of Fiscal Year 2012), MEPI awarded an unprecedented number of grants to international and indigenous organizations working throughout the Middle East and North Africa region. These grants reflect a large increase in civil society activities in MENA, and strong demand for MEPI support, especially in countries that recently experienced democratic transitions. 

  • Group photo of graduated students cutting a cake
    Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarship Promotes Civic Engagement in MENA Region

    American University of Beirut (AUB) graduated five students participating in the MEPI-funded Tomorrow’s Leadership Scholarship Program, which offers students American-accredited, four-year undergraduate liberal arts degrees. The program also provides an intensive focus on building students’ leadership skills and ability to effect positive change. 

  • Senator Jack Reed speaking behind a podium to a group of students with the American flag in the background
    Students Leaders Learn About Civil Society and Leadership

    A total of 118 undergraduate students from across the Middle East and North Africa participated in the 2012 MEPI Student Leaders Program in Washington, D.C. The program brings civically engaged students with outstanding academic achievements from universities throughout the region to the U.S. to study civil society, democratic participation, and leadership. 

  • A group of youth in a workshop session
    International Youth Activism Summit Promotes Cross-Border Collaboration

    In June 2012, MEPI partner Soliya convened an international summit during which thirty-four Fellows ages 20 to 30, from the United States, Europe, and the Middle East met to work together towards the betterment of their communities.  

  • Two men kneeling down drawing on a big white sheet of paper on the floor
    IFES and Arab Parliamentarians Work on Political Finance in MENA

    Recent electoral events in the MENA region have led to calls for greater transparency and accountability. The International Foundation for Electoral Systems and the Arab Region Parliamentarians Against Corruption are working on the MEPI-funded “Enhancing Transparency in Political Finance in the Arab Region” project to increase stakeholders’ awareness on issues relating to political finance. 

  • Two young women in a photo still from the “Voice from the Other Side”
    Young Activists Produce Films to Capture Change

    After extensive training in media production and community engagement provided by U.S.-based NGO Soliya and MEPI, 110 young civil society leaders throughout the Middle East and North Africa are harnessing the power of new media technologies to promote informed and constructive discourse on reform topics.  

  • MEPI-LAA honorees at the event
    MEPI Alumni in Lebanon Honor their Community Ambassadors

    MEPI's Lebanon Alumni Association organized its first annual networking dinner at The Rotana Hotel in Beirut. Over 100 alumni of MEPI projects and leadership exchange programs attended the event and had the opportunity to network, discuss upcoming activities, and meet the U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission in Beirut and other U.S. diplomats who were in attendance.  

  • The League of Women Voters’ poster
    MEPI Partners with the League of Women Voters to Advance Reform in the Region

    MEPI is pleased to announce the G8 Broader Middle East North Africa (BMENA) Initiative partnership with the U.S. –based NGO the League of Women Voters. The BMENA Initiative is a multilateral effort to promote cooperation between the G-8 and BMENA governments and civil society to advance reform efforts throughout the region. 

  • Trainees around a table talking
    Social Media Training Advances Jordanian and Lebanese NGOs and Businesses

    From March 20-21, the Institute of International Education’s “E-Mediat” project, funded by MEPI, provided training on new media skills to Lebanese and Jordanian businesses and non-governmental organizations. The classes provided approximately 60 participants with advanced social media training.  

  • The Lebanon Family Planning Association training session
    MEPI Project Supports Lebanese Women’s Marketable Skills and Rights Knowledge

    The Lebanon Family Planning Association (LFPA), is providing economic and family law advocacy skills training to Lebanese women from five villages in Hasbaya Caza in south Lebanon.  

  • A group photo of LDF fellows with Secretary Clinton sitting in the middle of front row
    Sec. Clinton Affirms Commitment to Supporting Arab Reformers

    MEPI’s 2012 Leaders for Democracy Fellows (LDF) met with Secretary Clinton on May 29th, following their participation in the Civil Society Strategic Dialogue town hall meeting earlier in the month. The Secretary praised the fellows’ reform-oriented activism and work in advancing civil society during an unprecedented time in the Arab world.  

  • LECORVAW high school awareness session
    Victims of Abuse in Lebanon Empowered to Fight for their Rights

    In Lebanon, public discourse on gender-based violence and abuse is considered taboo. Through its partnership with Catholic Relief Services, MEPI is supporting a group of Lebanese NGOs, including the Lebanese Council to Resist Violence against Women (LECORVAW), that are working to empower women through training and advocacy.  

  • A group of women in training session
    MEPI Partner Trains Lebanese Women in IT

    In partnership with Technology Sarl, MEPI grantee Al Feker wal-Hayet, a Lebanese NGO, is training 45 Lebanese women, from Al-Menieh region North of Tripoly to establish their own e-businesses and become income generators for their families. The IT training series comes as a first phase of the MEPI grant project “Women Economic Empowerment with E-Commerce”. 

  • A group photo with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
    2011 Leaders for Democracy Fellows Meet with Secretary Clinton

    MEPI’s 2011 Leaders for Democracy Fellows met with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on June 3. The Secretary assured the Fellows of U.S. Government support for democracy and human rights across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and praised them for their dedication and hard work.  

  • Bread in a plastic bag with ingredients label and a check mark in red
    MEPI alumna advocates to modernize food laws in Lebanon

    MEPI alumna Lina Alameddine, president of Partnership Center for Development and Democracy, spent the past few months working to achieve a simple yet important goal - ensuring that the Lebanese “white bread,” a staple in Lebanon, is healthy and safe for consumption. 

  • A group of the meeting attendees
    MEPI Alumni Network – Lebanon Chapter holds its semiannual event

    The Lebanon Chapter of the MEPI Alumni Network held its semi-annual networking event attended by over 90 alumni, including prominent business executives, chairmen of NGOs, and leading members of civil society organizations. The meeting gave alumni an opportunity to meet U.S. Embassy representatives and discuss their accomplishments over the past months.