Gender and Women’s Empowerment

MEPI’s Gender and Women’s Empowerment projects empower women to strengthen democratic institutions in the MENA region. MEPI works in partnership with local leaders and indigenous organizations to increase women’s political and economic participation, support women visionaries, provide training to enhance women’s capabilities to contribute to their countries’ development, and build the capacity of civil society to secure equal rights and economic prosperity for women and their families.

Political Participation

MEPI supports projects that increase the level of women’s participation in building democratic, pluralistic societies. These projects train women on how to run for office, advance their leadership skills, and advocate for legislation that promotes women’s rights in their home countries.

Economic Empowerment

Improving women’s access to economic opportunity is critical to expanding economic growth across the MENA region. MEPI strengthens women’s entrepreneurship potential by training women in organizational management and other marketable skills.

Leadership Programs

MEPI provides opportunities for leadership development, training, and higher education for MENA women both in the United States and throughout the MENA region. In the US participants visit universities, public policy institutes, advocacy organizations and have opportunities to meet with representatives from all levels of government. In the MENA region MEPI supports Higher Education opportunities and exchanges, supporting women in earning university degrees and training them in leadership skills for greater participation in their home communities on every level.