MEPI Project Opens Job Market for Arab Village Artisans

Jesser Azarka is an Arab village just north of the wealthy resort town of Caesarea.  With 14,000 residents, 60% of whom are living below poverty line, Jesser faces rising violence, but the community is committed to making things better.  Via a MEPI-supported project led by Tel Aviv University (TAU), several groups of women in the village are undertaking vocational and business trainings to help them integrate in the job market and support their families.  The first group graduated from the traditional embroidery training May 5.  With the presence of Jesser’s Head of Local Council and partners from the Juha Guesthouse and Mossawa, the women shared their experience in the training and the huge impact it has had on them and their plans to continue as a cooperative. This two-year project aims to improve the living condition of Jesser’s residents through economic empowerment and growth, create partnerships with nearby towns, and seeks to also protect the rights of the working poor. Video from the event.