MEPI Jordanian Grantee Successfully Provides Youth With Skills to Start Their Businesses

MEPI Jordanian Local grantee “AYA for Consultancy and Development” successfully continues to provide opportunities for youth to engage in skills empowerment, business training, and micro-grants for starting business initiatives that will assist them to connect with their communities and create economic benefits. An ongoing success story is the “Growing Mushrooms” micro grant. The idea is for two Jordanian youth to grow mushrooms on the roof top of their residence building in South Amman and create sustainable income.  The project provided the opportunity to consult with an agricultural engineer who provided them with technical assistance. The first crop harvest is expected in November 2019.  Another success story is the creation of a coffee stand on Aqaba Desert Road by a young Jordanian named Baker Karazneh. This project is quite successful and running smoothly, and already providing income for Baker. Total sales as of September 2019 (6 weeks) were JOD 1,052 ($1,483 USD). This coffee stand is a viable self-employment opportunity which has contributed greatly to his self-confidence and overall positive outlook.