MEPI-funded Program Launches Electronic Platform to Monitor Public Projects in Tunisia

FSVC and the Tunisian Association of Public Auditors (ATCP) recently launched an electronic platform to monitor public infrastructure projects in Tunisia. The platform, known as “Cabrane” (a slang Tunisian word used to define a foreman), can be viewed at

The first of its kind at the national level, this platform maps out meaningful data on more than 200 public infrastructure projects in 10 governorates, and allows users to participate and monitor the implementation of infrastructure projects by uploading photos, condemning cases of defect, and suggesting new infrastructure projects. Data is obtained from government sources, such as the Ministry of Equipment, under the new access-to-information law.

This platform is part of an FSVC program funded by the U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative, and aims to increase the effectiveness and accountability of the Government of Tunisia in implementing open government policies and strengthen the capacity of CSOs to advocate effectively for these policies.