MEPI Project Helps Employ About 100 Participants

Cenacle de La Lumière (CDLL) completed their two-year MEPI funded project “Back into Community (BiC)” focusing on improving the lives and economic prospects of 125 women and youth in Lebanon, specifically in Keserwan, Jbeil and Metn.

Working with local companies, CDLL succeeded in empowering and strengthening 125 vulnerable women and youth through extensive trainings and mentorships that helped the participants develop their skills, attitudes and the knowledge needed for their personal and career advancement.  As result of CDLL’s efforts, close to 100 participants were able to find employment and are currently working fulltime job in fields ranging from the culinary arts to aesthetician work.

BiC developed youth job prospects allowing participants to become productive members of society, through training and engagement within their communities.

CDLL produced a video showcasing the projects’ activities and shared a series of participants’ positive experiences of the program on social media.