EYEM Grants Help MEPI Beneficiary Launch Her Business

Yasmina Zaz is a twenty-years-old from Safi, deaf and only able to communicate through sign, Yasmina nevertheless did not give up and continued vocational training as a beautician. But despite her diploma and experience, she was unable to find a job and earn an income. “For a long time, I felt that opening my own business was an unrealistic dream,” Yasmina said. “But EYEM’s program gave me a boost to turn my idea into reality.” “I love my business and I am happy to open my hair salon every morning, it motivates me enormously. “

The Empowering Youth through Entrepreneurship in Morocco (EYEM) project aims to empower youth in the former Doukkala Abda region by using entrepreneurship as a lever for development and engaging youth as important actors in the economic development of the region. Funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) and implemented by the Near East Foundation (NEF) in partnership with the Moroccan Association for the Support and Promotion of Small Businesses (AMAPPE), the Moroccan Social Solidarity Economy Network (REMESS), and alAmana Microfinance, the EYEM project provides training in entrepreneurship, business incubator support, and start-up grants to give young professionals the tools they need to turn their ideas into viable businesses.

The EYEM project has provided grants to more than 250 youth with professional business plans to support them in launching their businesses. Youth have formally and officially registered their businesses.