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The MEPI Program provides grant funding to support partnerships between citizens, organizations, and governments in the MENA region to resolve shared challenges and promote shared interests in the areas of participatory governance, economic reform and educational advancement.

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For information about MEPI’s latest funding opportunities, check out GRANTS.GOV (and search for NEAAC).

  1. MEPI Local Grants Program Notice Of Funding Opportunity is now open:  The MEPI Local Grants Program’s mission is to sustain the United States’ commitment to strengthen direct partnerships with local actors to promote prosperity and participatory governance. Its objectives are to support civil society organizations in 1 developing, promoting, and implementing locally designed solutions to self identified environmental, economic, or social problems through civic engagement or economic participation; 2 fostering inclusive economic growth that reaches marginalized communities, youth, and women; 3 advancing participatory governance through promoting citizens’ engagement and decision makers’ willingness to work with citizen groups and civil society organizations; 4 improving civil society’s representation of the needs of citizens through collective action on the local level; 5 working towards gender parity in economics and/or politics; 6 increasing youth engagement in meaningful economic and civic activities; and 7 fostering innovative approaches to solving social, economic, or political issues. Deadline for applications is February 25, 2020.

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