MEPI Alumnus Uses Psychology to Help Diabetes Patients

Nasser al-Tooblani graduated from MEPI’s Tomorrow’s Leaders program at LAU in the spring of 2020 with a BA in Psychology and received High Distinction. Suffering from diabetes since he was two years old, Nasser has consistently struggled with diabetes self-management throughout his life. In his capstone project « Bloom », Nasser came up with the impressive idea to supplement diabetes protocols with psychological intervention in order to help patients comply with diabetes self-management.

Al-Tooblani has always been passionate about teaching and training and wanted to pursue his passion in his professional career. Upon his graduation, Al-Tooblani networked with his former high school principal during his job search for teaching opportunities, specifically in the mental health field. As mental health is still often a taboo topic in the Arab world and in his home in Bahrain, al-Tooblani was asked to prepare a concise and comprehensive psychological intervention program proposal targeting both students and teachers as a pre-employment assessment. Al-Tooblani invested all of his knowledge and skills acquired during his time in the Tomorrows Leaders program into the proposal and won the challenge. He was appointed as Psychology and Epistemology teacher and will start his new role beginning September 2020.