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Supporting Women in the Law

MEPI Women in the Law (WILpower) conference; Amman, Jordan. © State Department
MEPI Women in the Law (WILpower) conference; Amman, Jordan.


Women lawyers can be powerful advocates for women’s equality and advancement. MEPI supports the professional development of young female legal practitioners in the region to engage in critical family, criminal, commercial, and international law issues. MEPI also works with activists and government officials to push for laws and amendments that respect women as equal members of society.

Recent Projects 

Saudi Arabia - As the first class of women graduated with law degrees from Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz University, MEPI partnered with a Jeddah-based law firm to offer the recent graduates two Women’s Legal Training Programs in December 2009 and February 2010. Participants learned how to network professionally, draft contracts, conduct legal research, and participated in a moot court competition.

Yemen - The Countering Early Marriage NGO Network, comprised of several Yemeni NGOs working with the guidance of NDI, will work together, starting in late 2010, to counter the problem of early marriage in Yemen.  The network aims to significantly reduce the number of incidents of early marriage in Yemen, which does not have legislation defining a legal minimum age for marrying.  Through advocacy and awareness efforts, the network will work to change attitudes of local communities and national legislators to push for their support of ending the practice of early marriage.   This approach is designed to create an impact outside of Sana’a and will enhance grassroots efforts by local actors.  The network will also embrace a wide variety of local stakeholders, from the Government of Yemen to women’s groups and other potential donors.