Sikkuy’s MEPI Project Strengthens 922 Decision for Arab Cities in Israel

Sikkuy, The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality, launched its new guidebook for Arab local authorities May 8 on the mapping and identification of the needs of citizens in the field of transportation. With support from the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), this Sikkuy initiative aims to improve implementation of the Israeli government decision 922 to equalize budgets for Arab citizens through cooperation between three Arab municipalities (Iksal, Tamra and Kabul), Sikkuy and government ministries. The conference facilitated a vibrant panel discussion with mayors, professionals, government officials, and representatives of civil society organizations, including several IVLP and MEPI alumni. Sikkuy’s MEPI overall project goal is to advance successful implementation of the Israeli government 922 decision in the fields of public transportation, day-care centers, housing/planning and reducing violence. The guidebook will be presented to a larger forum of Arab localities and promoted within relevant mistrial offices for better implementation and guidance. Mr. Ron Gerlitz, the Jewish Co-director of Sikkuy gave his full remarks in Arabic, a rare event in Israel, underscoring the importance of reaching across cultures. Watch Ron Gerlitz remarks here.