Small Construction and Engineering Businesses in Morocco Receive Support from MEPI and NEF

The Al-Rawabet project promotes the growth of high-potential companies and invests in the  development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Safi-Marrakech region, with funding from  the United States Department of State Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). A new public private partnership (PPP) in Safi, Morocco started through Al-Rawabet is providing opportunities  for young entrepreneurs to grow and develop their businesses. Below are three short profiles of  businesses supported by MEPI and the Near East Foundation (NEF).  

Sotasaf is an engineering company founded by Mohamed Belhamra in 2017, received a contract  for 215,010 MAD (21,500 USD) for a civil engineering project with OCP.  “The Al-Rawabet project helped organize meetings with managers at OCP that introduced us to  their needs and expectations,” Mohamed said. “Our business has increased its revenues,  professionalized its human resources, and we have improved our standard of living.” With this  support, SOTASAF has increased its profits by 67%, from 36,000 MAD (3,600 USD) in 2018,  to 60,000 MAD (6,000 USD) in 2019. The company also hired one additional full-time staff  person. 

Famazo Sarl is an engineering company founded by Zouhair Boudaher in 2014, received a  contract for 1,033,169 MAD (~100,000 USD) to install a chain-link fence and iron door.“My  work with the Al-Rawabet project has helped position my business in the market,” Zouhair said.  “We have defined and adapted our business plan, and we’ve improved our ability to take on new  initiatives and calculated risks.” Famazo saw a 20% increase in profits, from 300,000 MAD (30,000 USD) in 2018 to 360,000 MAD (36,000 USD) in 2019. The company has been  able to recruit one additional full-time staff person. 

Passenger is a construction company founded by Abdelhadi Hosni. It received a contract for the  installation of a water and sewage system in an OCP office for 843,840 MAD (84,300  USD).“The Al-Rawabet project helped us to improve our management, communication, and  develop our entrepreneurial skills,” Abdelhadi said. “We have improved our ability to plan for  the future.” Passenger increased its profits by 20% from 2018 to 2019 and was able to recruit two  additional full-time and one part-time staff.