The Story of a Finalist – Slim Lengliz

In your opinion, what is the most powerful tool that can be used in the 21st century to overcome the challenges that humanity is facing today and to help nations grow?

Let me tell you that the answer is education, sciences, and arts, but more important it is the digital and communication technologies. In Tunisia, where we are all familiar with the word “REVOLUTION,”a digital revolution has to be, in my opinion, one of the main keys the country should adopt in order to conquer economic and social issues and respond to all of its challenges. I am ٍSlim Lengliz, a 23 year old ambitious young man from Nabeul. I am currently working on a digital project dealing within the agricultural sector in Tunisia.

Slim Lengliz pitching at Second Round of Selection, UTICA, March 2017

My participation in the  “I Have a Project” program is the first step towards achieving my goal. Becoming a finalist of the best 70 project holders was the beginning of this wonderful experience. The “Build Your Business” entrepreneurship training I received as part of the program has helped me enhance my business and soft skills. We discussed the must-have qualities and learned important tips that will help us become successful entrepreneurs. We also learned about project management skills. Thanks to this entrepreneurship training and to my determination to advance my project idea, I was selected again among the top 25 finalists. This has been my best professional achievement to date.

”I Have a Project” provided us with great technical training sessions in the areas of strategic marketing, project management, sales and negotiation and user experience and interface. These training programs put us on the right way to start working on our own projects. Now, I am able to use all the skills that I learned during the training to launch my online platform where users can sell and buy agricultural products without intermediaries.