The Story of a Finalist-Safa Yahia

My name is Safa Yahia and I am a 27 year old engineering graduate from Gabes. My story began on January when I applied for the “I Have a Project” Program. I was selected as one of the 25 finalists which allowed me to participate in the program.

Safa Yahia pitching at Second Round of Selection, UTICA, March 2017

Because of my participation in the program, I gained a special and rich experience and I learned how to develop and improve several aspects of my business, how to make my project more profitable, how to negotiate successfully, and also how to work with my team and motivate them. Additionally, I developed a strong marketing strategy that will kick start my business.

Safa Yahia attending technical training by, Microsoft Innovation Center, April 2017

This experience is an excellent opportunity for me to improve my communication and public relation skills and to move towards achieving my goal.