The Story of a Finalist-Yosra Abidi

My name is Yosra Abidi, 25 years old, and I am from the beautiful region of Kef. I study at the Higher Institute for Languages of Tunis (ISLT). I am currently on my third and final year studying English Language, Literature and Civilization. I am very active in my society. I am a member in a variety of associations such as: Young Leaders Entrepreneurs (YLE), We Lead, Abweb, and He For She, and I am American Corner top volunteer for 2016/1017. I won the Best Organizer Trophy for organizing She Can and She Can Startup with YLE last year, and this year I participated in both first and second tours of Unleash Tunisia Venture Bus (UTVB). To me, being an entrepreneur is a dream that will come true soon.

Yosra Abidi pitching at Second Round of Selection, UTICA, March 2017

So, my journey with “I Have a Project” has been the best journey I have ever had. During the first couple of weeks, we had multiple training sessions that taught me a lot. We learned about the basics of building a business via the “Build Your Business” entrepreneurship training. Then, after travelling from one city to another and working very hard, I was able deliver a well-prepared pitch that qualified me for the top 25 projects.

I thank the efforts of Education for Employment (EFE) Tunisia, MEPI and The US Embassy for giving me this opportunity. Since I received the news that I was accepted to the program, I worked hard. Then, when I started the training as “I Have a Project” finalist, I acquired new skills in marketing, critical thinking, and marketing strategy.

Yosra Abidi during a technical training by Microsoft Innovation Center, April 2017

Additionally, I learned how to become an effective negotiator. I am happy I joined. I will be attending other training sessions and I am eager to learn more on how to fully advance my project to the next steps and eventually launch my startup.”