The Story of a Finalist-Rafiaa Boujbel

I am Rafiaa Boujbel, IT consultant with Tim Consulting and a Ph.D. candidate in Telecommunication Networks at Munich University of Applied Sciences. I would like to share my Education for Employment (EFE) experience with you. This experience started with an online application that I became aware of through the EFE website. After the selection process, I became a finalist in the “I Have a Project” initiative promoted by EFE Tunisia in partnership with MEPI and Microsoft.

Rafiaa Boujbel pitching at second round of selection, UTICA, March 2017

As a finalist of the “I Have a Project” program, I enhanced my entrepreneurial skills through the training and individual coaching sessions. I learned and acquired these skills through different technical training sessions with Microsoft expert coaches in “Strategic Marketing,” “Project Management,” “Sales & Negotiation” and “UX & UI” and through individual technical coaching sessions with Microsoft experts at the Microsoft Innovation Center.

Rafiaa Boujbel during a technical training by Microsoft Innovation Center, April 2017

Next, I am going to attend the individual coaching sessions delivered by Mix Learning coaches which will be followed with a boot camp that will prepare us for the final Demo Day. The boot camp is given by MEPI, Microsoft and various entrepreneurship stakeholders in the co-system. The “I Have a Project” program is well-organized and structured. It is giving me the skills and knowledge I need to become a successful entrepreneur.